EMRA Steel is a steel trading company and EPC provider for custom-engineered Energy power transmission line towers and poles. We excel in providing the raw material and right steel products to all constructional and industrial requirements of our customers in many countries. We have a large depot of equal angle bars and other steel products. Indisputably, as a subsidiary of a steel plant, we handle the full-cycle of commodity manufacturing in favor of being committed to quality related to products. Execution of all the transmission projects is undertaken in a co-ordinated manner with aim to always maintain highest standards of quality. The tailor-made financial terms for our customers reiterate our goal of keeping the customers satisfied. The company is now in the process of diversifying its business to other countries like Georgia and Turkey. Our offices are located in Europe, the CIS, and The Middle East. Find our details on Contact page.
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In the whole world, we have three representatives from Germany, Georgia and Turkey. EMRA Steel is trying to give you quick access